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Creep Craft

There is an old story telling that if a creeper wants to be recognized a mature creeper, it must accept challenged set by the old in creeper community. The creeper has to survive about five days among strong enemies with a very basic weapon. The weapon is not available for any creeper, it must be created from materials around. Creep Craft is the game which players are supposed to help a little creeper to collect materials, and then craft a sword so that the creeper can have a chance to defeat dangerous enemies. There are some basic steps so that players enable to support the creeper.

Creep Craft in Minecraft

Firstly, the creeper is quite lucky to start the training process with a stone pickaxe in the Inventory, so at the beginning of the game, players should click at a pickaxe to equip the creeper with this type of weapon.

Secondly, a stone pickaxe does not make the creeper strong enough to win enemies, so it should look for materials to craft a better tool. Players should lead it to a small wall quite close to its position, and let it use the stone pickaxe to break the wall to collect iron.

After storing iron, it should move to take a log. At this time, it has enough materials in the inventory to craft a sword.

Next, it is time the creeper showed its fighting skills. Holding a sword in hand, moving cleverly, and attacking right time helps it knock out zombies and endermen. The creeper should win the enemies quickly because endermen can produce themselves every 3 days. Once it is hit, a number of its hearts are decreased. In hard times, the creeper should search for pigs since pork will help it regain hearts.

In brief, compared to other games, Creep Craft may not be as big as others in terms of quantity, but Creep Craft is quite fun and lovely. Players especially kids may be interested in this game a lot. Through putting effort into accomplishing training, kids may learn something about what they should do to be more mature. Some features of individualism may be built from games and stories, so parents ought to select appropriate games or stories for their children to experience. Let play Creep Craft and share your opinions and comments as well!

How To Play Creep Craft

Left-clicking helps players to pick up tools in the Inventory.
Arrows are for moving, and Spacebar is for attacking.

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