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Mine Blocks 1.23 Mining Wood

Compared to other games of Minecraft, the requirements of Mine Blocks 1.23 have some new features such as fixing lag, crafting a suit of gold armor, picking up caramel and candy, gathering vegetable matters such as potatoes and carrots, dealing with animals.

Searching in a new place brings not only excitement but also danger since there are plenty of dangerous objects. Therefore, while walking round to collect raw materials used for creating things, we must be quick to create armour or other weapons so that we can protect ourselves from enemies. Luckily, before the game officially starts, we have had a chance to read Instructions and FAQ where helpful information shows us how to make things, and describes clearly characters, features, and characteristics related to the game. Furthermore, we can ask more information from the producer in case we do not understand what endermen, blazes, ender gems, golden nuggets, or rafts are, and how to make or cope with them. This list of Mine Blocks 1.23 is quite long, and it may infer that players have a lot of tasks to fulfill the list.

In addition to building stuffs, we have to face bug fixes. This task sounds irritating because of a long list. Here is an available list of bug fixes if we click on the screen in the beginning, and a full list could be made by players’ contribution. As a result, later players will complete tasks easier and faster.

In brief, players enable to seek a vast land in Mine Blocks 1.23, and then start to explore, invent, and fight. The world may not be perfect, but it has enough attractive features to make sure that players can enjoy the game through crafting, protecting themselves from enemies, and challenging themselves in a new world. Through facing those challenges, we may learn some useful messages. For instance, if we are forced to experience a new thing or environment, what should we react? If there are some bad people hiding somewhere and they love attacking us, what will we do to protect ourselves? Do we stand still and give up? Do we change our attitude to get over difficulty and we become stronger after failing?


WASD or Arrows can be used to help the character move.
Clicking H helps players see Help section.
Shooting, mining, or cutting is done with Left-clicking.
Opening Inventory is done with E key.

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