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Mine Blocks Crafting Wooden Planks

Mine Blocks 1.25 greets players with latest characteristics including enchantments, stairs, and red stones, so now we may experience new feelings thanks to those new features. In this game, we are to spend most time on experiencing a long list of additions, improvements, and bug fixes. Moving, digging, cutting, and crafting are actions which help us see all aspects of the game fully.

In term of additions, the game is added with 11 stairs and slabs consisting of various stones like stone brick, or cobblestone, brick, iron, obsidian, diamond, and others. 59 enchantments are also added. For enemies, passive mobs leave when they are attacked. Information on bug fixes, additions, and improvements will be described in details in following parts.

In term of bug fixes, zombies and skeletons are fixed if these guys are staying under blocks during daytime. If players are worried about whether TNT explodes madly or not, there is no need to upset any longer because this type of powerful explosive is adjusted to work properly. In order to protect players more, lighting does harm to bad guys, bugs are fixed more and more correctly, and functions of things in the game are improved better and better.

In term of improvements, changes made are upgrading quality of Mine Blocks 1.25 positively. Inventory, redstone logic, bookshelf texture, or collision detection are improved remarkably. Therefore, players are able to play this game smoother and reduce unnecessary negative feelings. The creator highly appreciates fans’ comments so as to build, fix, and improve the game since things need to be changed positively so that they can stand firmly in front of time challenge. Hope to see more contribution from Minecraft community so that the game can be better day by day.

In short, Mine Blocks 1.25 is added a lot of new interesting characteristics so that players can taste a special dish fairly different from other brothers and sisters of Minecraft family. During the time players move, mine, and kick ugly creatures in order to establish a world of their own, it seems that they enjoy mixed feelings. Play and prove how far you can win Mine Blocks 1.25! also share with other players what’s good and bad about the game!


The Minecraft guy moves with either WASD or Arrows.
Pressing E is for opening inventory.
Pressing T is for having a look at tasks.
H is for Help.
Especially, the left mouse is for actions like digging, cutting, or crafting.

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