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Mine Blocks 1.28

Have you waited an updated one of Mine Blocks 1.28 unblocked so long? Here it is, guys! Let’s wear a party hat to explore what this game has! This version has plenty of new functions for you to use. There are just a few new stuffs that we are listing. First, your world can be saved easily as Mine Blocks 1.28 has been copied from AS2 to AS3 in this updated one. Second, now you own powerful Anvils which you can change names of items, fix tools, or put things together to make mighty weapons. Next, fishing has become much more enjoyable than ever thanks to rafts which can float on the water surface. You can fish different schools of fish like salmon, clownfish, or puffer fish. In addition, what makes you uncomfortable has been got rid of from this game that is the bug. Therefore, you will not be stuck in either the ender or the nether any more. Moreover, you do not suffer bad effects caused by poor graphic any longer. It is hard to list all new features here. Play to discover and enjoy this cool updated game Mine Blocks 1.28!

How to play
You move with the arrow keys or WASD.
You fish, mine, or craft with the left mouse.

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