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Mine Blocks 1.29

Welcome to play Mine Blocks 1.29 – Minecraft Game Online – Mine Blocks 1.28 For Free

Wow, Mine Blocks 1.29 has been produced. New mobs, added potions, improved commands, eye catching colors and blocks, and tons of new features are waiting for your exploration.

An adventure in Mine Blocks world is never boring since Mine Blocks games are creative and updated often. That is the promise!

Three new mobs including ghasts, squid, and zombie pigmen. At present, you enable to craft balloons, especially ghast balloon. These balloons can come in various colors and take projectiles.

In this new version, you meet a new strange item as well that is shades from a rare chicken.

The bewing stand can create up to 13 kinds of potions that sounds amazing.

Furthermore, the cauldron helps you not only revert dyed leather armor but also refill potions.

Wonderfully, fixed bugs, command improvements, and updated graphics allow you to enjoy Mine Blocks 1.28 completely.

Here is the recommendation from the creator of the game. Please back up your worlds carefully before you officially play in them.

Instructions of playing Mine Blocks 1.29 0r 1.28

Use W A S D keys or arrow keys to move Tap left or right keys twice to make you run or sprint Avoid falling off blocks by press S Mine blocks by clicking and holding the mouse Place blocks by selecting them (click on them) and then move the mouse to the area you want to put them Hit E on the keyboard to see the inventory fully and then you can start crafting

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