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Mine Blocks 2

A little boy is putting in a new and huge world called Minecraft. Before starting such an exciting adventure, he is supposed to accomplish the first mission named Mine Block 2. In Mine Block 2, he should build a shelter from natural materials from trees, stones, and others. Fortunately, this boy is equipped with enough tools and abilities to complete this task. For instance, there is an inventory used for storing items collected by him. He enables to move in terms of walking or jumping rather freely on this new land, and if some obstacles prevent him from moving, he can mine and make good use of them. Though staying alone in an empty land sounds dangerous, it is an interesting discovery. Humans’ creativity and imagination can be used and developed through Mine Block 2. With two modes of playing including Survival and God modes, the game may meet players’ expectation. Furthermore, Singleplayer and Multiplayer may make players more satisfied.

Since the time humans existed on earth, we have a strong wish to come to new areas, discover what is there, get over obstacles, and tell a story to others about how strong humans are. A strong desire for conquering fears, satisfying curiosity, and proving ourselves are burning hotter and hotter in our blood. Mine Block 2 is such a great game where our creativity and imaginary mind are utilized. Mining, collecting, and building a house on a new land must be a hard task, but the feeling of achieving is excited. More importantly, when we calculate and do things by ourselves, it seems we are trying to be more independent. For those who have depended rather heavily on someone, they may think about whether it is time for them to prepare a new life independently, for example, things they need to begin an independently such as qualifications, experiences, strong personalities, etc.

In short, Mine Block 2 is not only a game for entertaining, it also reminds us of preparing our own life responsibly, trying to discover the life out there, and recognizing wonderful feelings when we overcome difficulties. Many people around the world are fond of playing Mine Block 2, do not hesitate more!

How To Play

Mine Block 2 is played manually. Keys including WASD or a mouse can be used to move the character.
Putting blocks on the surface is done with Shift-click, and mining is with clicking and holding firmly.

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