Minecraft Avoider – Minecraft Game Online

Relax your mind and train your quick reaction with Minecraft Avoider! Unfortunately, Steve is trapped by the community of monsters including zombies and creepers. These monsters attack Steve in droves and he is forced to fight without many weapons. There are no towers for Steve to hide, no bombs to destroy creepers, and no cacti to destroy zombies. In Minecraft Avoider, Steve can do two things. First, he can move to temporarily avoid monsters. Second, he can fire. Fortunately, 10 lives helps his life last longer because he will be hurt seriously after being hit by a monster.

You gain scores when Steve succeeds in destroying monsters. The more monsters Steve knocks out, the higher players’ scores are. You also retry the game many times as you want.

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Minecraft Avoider – Minecraft Man And Enemies


You click into a place on the screen to help Steve fire at that direction. Either Arrow Keys or WASD can help Steve move in Minecraft Avoider.

Game Category: Shooting