Minecraft Creeper Diamond

Minecraft Creeper Diamond

To challenge how brave a little creeper is, a community of creepers has decided to ask him to accomplish a mission. He is put in a dark cave full of lava, and he must try ways to get over lave to search for diamond. If he is successful in getting diamond, he will be recognized a brave soldier and then he is allowed to go into battle between creepers and Minecraft characters. A large number of creepers have overcome this challenge and they are very proud of themselves. However, some creepers are stuck and kept in the cave forever since they are unable to seek diamond and escape from the cave. The diamond will be the convincing evidence to prove whether a creeper is qualified enough. Therefore, in Minecraft Creeper Diamond, players are going to assist him in looking for diamond by dealing with lave and finding ways to move appropriately.

Since the cave is rather complicated, he has to get diamond so as to move next levels. Until now, not many players explore to know how many levels there are in this cave. There are no enemies interfering in his mission, but besides lava, Arrow stones are other obstacles. These Arrow stones push him back into the starting point, so while moving, players should pay attention to lava and Arrow stones as well.

Though there are not many obstacles, it is rather difficult to make him move smoothly. Only 3 keys are used including 2 Arrows to make him move forward and backward, and Spacebar to help him jump. However, players need observation and skills to enable to move him, so Minecraft Creeper Diamond may not be a suitable game for impatient ones. The mission is not so difficult because there are no opponents, but it is not easy when players move on such an uncomfortable ground. Briefly, it does not look easy as it looks.

In short, Minecraft Creeper Diamond aims to help a creeper succeed in finding diamond by moving cleverly through lava and on Arrow stones. Furthermore, this game seems suitable for children because it is not violent, and it can train their quick response too. Let see who will move through obstacles to help the creeper accomplish his mission soon so that he can join the military called creeper soldiers? Finally, share with Minecraft community about your achievements!

How To Play Minecraft Creeper Diamond

Left and Right Arrows are used for moving.
Spacebar is for jumping.

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